Rise Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Open

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Rise, a medical cannabis dispensary, is scheduled to open in the next few weeks at 7900 Fenton Street. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held today and was well attended by community members looking to tour the new facility. Once the dispensary opens, only card carrying members will be allowed past the lobby.

Rise Dispensary is owned by GTI, a national medical cannabis producer and dispensary operator. The dispensary replaces the old Banner Glass building and is fully renovated. The tour explored the front lobby where patients wait before being seen by trained staff. The tour also showed the dispensary area, where medical products will be displayed and patients will be provided with assistance in identifying the appropriate medication.

Andy Grossman, partner at GTI, hopes the dispensary will open in the next few weeks. A tour will be given to the police department this Thursday, and Rise will work closely with local law enforcement to ensure safety for the neighborhood. Grossman expects that when fully operational, the dispensary will employ roughly ten trained staff.

Medical cannabis was approved four years ago in Maryland, but challenges to regulation have slowed the distribution. Those looking for prescriptions for medicalcannabis must go through a series of steps, including registering with the Medical Marijuana Cannabis Commission (MMCC), before being able to patronize the dispensary. Their prescribing physician must also be registered with the MMCC. According to the commission, medical cannabis can be prescribed for a series of conditions, including, “severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures or severe or persistent muscle spasms, or glaucoma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

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